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Weekly Prayer Roster
Each week during the year the Churches in their prayers, the residents of particular streets in the village, those
who work in the parish and village organizations. Those to be remembered this month are:
5th October
The Parish Council, The Village Hall and Playing Field Trust; those who help to run the Village
Hall, and the activities there
12th October
Greenway, Aragon Close, Hoo Close, Bishops Way
19th October
Village shops, and those who work in them; businesses based in the village, hotels, inns, and
those who work at home; homemakers, carers, the unemployed and underemployed, and all
visitors to the village
26th October
Clubs and societies, their leaders and members, volunteers, and the team that produces and
distributes the Buckden Roundabout
The next Study Lunch will be on Monday 13th October from 12.30 to 2.00 pm in the Methodist School Room,
Everyone welcome. Future dates are Nov 10th and Dec 8th
Ann Brittain
Thought for the month
Remembering St Luke
Throughout the year our churches remember and give thanks to God for the saints. One of those we remember
this month is St Luke whose special day is 18
St Luke was a talented writer; he wrote the gospel that tells the story of Jesus’ life and ministry and the Acts of the
Apostles that tells how Jesus’ early followers spread the Good News about him. Luke was a committed Christian
and in writing his gospel he wanted to impress on his fellow Christians the constant need to keep in mind the
words and deed of Jesus, his suffering and death and resurrection. These events were the only firm basis for their
faith and this is still the case for Christians today.
Many of the stories about Jesus that Luke included in his gospel can also be found in the other gospels, although
each writer tells the story in a different way. But there is much that is unique to Luke. For example, only Luke tells
us about the visit of the angel to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus, his birth in Bethlehem and the shepherds
and angels. Luke also tells us about Jesus’ encounter with the tax collector Zacchaeus whose repentance is a
living example of the difference that meeting Jesus makes to a person’s life.
Jesus himself told many stories, or parables, which make you think such as the story of The Good Samaritan, the
prodigal son and the lost sheep. We would have lost a lot if St Luke had not gathered all of this information about
the life and teaching of Jesus from those who knew him and wrote it down for us. If you are wanting to read about
the life and teaching of Jesus, Luke’s gospel is a good place to begin.
As well as being a fine writer, Luke was a doctor. He did not have all of the equipment and medicines that we
have today but he must have been a man of compassion with a desire to care for others. He was chosen to be the
patron saint of doctors and on his feast day, 18 October, we are also encouraged to remember and pray for those
who are ill and all in the medical profession who care for them.
God bless you all
Revd Tricia Williams (Minister: Buckden Methodist Church)
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