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Parish Council Best Kept Allotment Competition.
This year’s
Albie Corn
, Plot 8, judges’ comments “well organised, clean crops and the best use of
Matthew Richardson
, plot 21, “well presented, good use of space and well pruned fruit trees”
Christine Hickey
. Plot 27 “good use of space”
Traffic Safety near Buckden School
Several residents have expressed concern about the speed of traffic near the school, especially when the area is
busy with parents and children. The Parish Council are considering applying for a 20 mph limit during the time that
the school crossing lights are in operation.
However, the Parish Council have also been informed by Cambridgeshire County Council that parts of Church
Street/Mill Road are due to be re-surfaced shortly. During the work, the speed humps will be extended across the
road. The Parish Council have decided to wait until this work has taken place, after which we will conduct a series
sessions to assess whether traffic is travelling at excessive speeds.
We would urge all residents to take particular care when driving in the area of the school at busy times, to
park with consideration to school users and local residents and for parents to reduce traffic by walking to
school, if possible.
Residents will also note that the Parish Council have been successful in our request for new signage near the
school and for the School Lane school sign to be moved to a better location.
Tree lovers and walkers – we need your help
The Parish Council is committed to making the best use it can of the land it owns and manages. Sometimes that
land is crying out for a tree or trees to be planted. Do you know of such a piece of land or is there a sick or ailing
tree that needs replacing? Please let us know of any such areas and we can plant suitable trees during the com-
ing winter.
Do you enjoy using our footpaths and other rights of way? Do you have some spare energy and time? Would you
like to help keep our paths in good order? We are looking for volunteers to help improve the footpath (footpath 3)
which follows the side of Diddington Brook near where it meets the Anglian Water road by the bridge. This fre-
quently floods in the winter and we are putting a layer of gravel here to raise it a few inches and to improve the
surface in muddy conditions. If you feel you could help, please let us know and we will arrange a convenient time
to do the work.
This is the time of year when gardens are cleared and we all have the problem of how to get rid of the green rub-
bish. Sometimes this won’t all fit into the Green Bin and sometimes it’s too much effort to take the rubbish to the
local tip. The solution taken by some residents is to light a bonfire but this can often irritate the neighbours. Whilst
there are no local byelaws on the lighting of bonfires you can be guilty of causing ‘public nuisance’ or creating a
situation which could be dangerous or cause a health and safety hazard. If you are considering lighting a bonfire
please check the direction of the wind, check with your neighbours so that they can close windows and take in
washing etc . Best of all avoid the need for a fire by phasing the filling of your green bin over a period of a few
Any questions or comments on this report can be addressed to the Parish Clerk John Chase, Clerk to Buckden
Parish Council, Buckden Village Hall, Burberry Road, Buckden PE19 5UY, Telephone (01480) 819407, Email
Do not forget our website at
The monthly meeting of the
Parish Council, including a 15 minute Public Forum will be held on Tuesday
October 2014 starting at 7.30pm
in the Village Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend and
raise any Buckden related issues.
If required, the
Parish Council’s Planning Committee
will meet on
Tuesday 14th and Tuesday 28th October
starting 7pm. Agendas for the meetings are posted on the Parish Council notice boards not later than the Satur-
day preceding the meeting
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