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Buckden Roundabout

September 2017

Weekly Prayer Roster

Each week during the year the Churches, in their prayers, remember the residents of particular streets in the village, those who

work in the parish and village organizations. Those to be remembered this month are:

3rd September

Church Street, Mill Road, The Barns, The Old Flour Mills

10th September

The Parish Council, The Village Hall and Playing Field Trust; those who help to run the Village

Hall, and the activities there

17th September

Greenway, Aragon Close, Hoo Close, Bishops Way

24th September

Village shops, and those who work in them; businesses based in the village, hotels, inns, and

those who work at home; homemakers, carers, the unemployed and underemployed, and all

visitors to the village

Church News

Thought for the Month

Dear Friends,

I am now, I think, officially middle-aged. I know I still look

young and vibrant, but don’t be fooled. I know I am middle

-aged now because I have started gardening.

For two years we have been shaking our heads and clicking

our tongues at the vegetable patches in the corner of the

garden. No more! The raised beds and their vegetable con-

tents have gone to the tip — or Household Waste Recy-

cling Centre as we must now call it — and a new (slightly

sloping) cottage garden has emerged.

“What is your point?” I hear you cry.

My point is: how many things are there in our Churches

and in our lives that we have been shaking our heads and

clicking our tongues at for years, but haven’t done any-

thing about? It is human nature to let sleeping dogs lie; to

accept the unacceptable simply because we have not done

anything to change it. We wait around (often with an occa-

sional moan) until someone or something finally prods us

into action.

That is not good enough for the Christian. God deserves

the best from us, because God gives the best to us. I know

that there are quite a few things in my life and in the

Church that need drastic overhauling. The vegetable patch

is just the Household Waste Recycling Centre of the ice-


I hope I am not too middle-aged to make a start on some

of them. God has infinite patience with me, but I really

shouldn’t rely on that. I pray God will give me the strength

and the inspiration to attack more than the garden.

And I pray that God will inspire you, too, to attend to your

vegetable patches, your lives and our Churches.

Every blessing.