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Buckden Roundabout

September 2017

The monthly meeting of the

Parish Council, including a 15 minutes long Public Forum will be held Tuesday 12th


If required, the

Parish Council’s Planning Committee

will meet on

Tuesday 12th and Tuesday 26nd September

starting 7pm. Agendas for the meetings are posted on the Parish Council notice boards not later than the Saturday

preceding the meeting.

Buckden Parish Council

Buckden Parish Council News...

Planning Permission for 180 Houses off Lucks Lane - Buckden Parish Council responds

Many people reading this will already know that the Inspector who heard the appeal against planning permission

refusal for a development of 180 houses off Lucks Lane has allowed the appeal and granted outline planning permis-

sion to Gladman (the developer), for the development. Buckden Parish Council was opposed to the development

from the outset and was a party at the Inquiry, putting forward detailed reasons why the development should not

be allowed. We are understandably very disappointed that the permission has been granted, but we recognise that

due process has been followed, and we must accept and make the best of the decision reached by the Inspector

after he heard all the evidence on both sides.

The history is that Gladman made an application for outline planning permission in 2016, which was refused by Hun-

tingdonshire District Council. At that time, the Parish Council made detailed arguments against the proposal and

recommended refusal. Gladman appealed, and in May 2017, the appeal was heard in the form of a Public Inquiry,

which lasted for nearly two weeks in the Village Hall. HDC, the Protect Buckden’s Future Group and the Parish Coun-

cil were all parties at the Inquiry arguing against the development. The Parish Council argued that the development

should not be allowed because of, amongst other things, traffic safety and congestion, coalescence of Buckden and

Stirtloe, loss of rural amenity, and damage to heritage assets. The Inspector decided that HDC at that stage could

not demonstrate a robust five-year plan to bring forward development sites to meet the housing needs of the Dis-

trict, and that therefore the presumption in favour of development in the Government’s national guidelines on plan-

ning policy should apply. He therefore allowed the appeal.

What about the future? Gladman will not build the development as it is not a builder, but will seek to pass on the

permission to a building company. The builder must apply for detailed planning permission for the development

within three years and start the development within two years of detailed permission being granted. It is not certain

that the development will be built, but we assume that it will be. It is important that we do what we can to capital-

ise on the positive aspects and minimise the concerns that we have about the development.

The Parish Council will do everything it can, working with HDC, to ensure that disruption to our daily lives during the

development is kept to a minimum and that the development is built to a high standard with the promised number

of affordable dwellings. On a wider front, the Parish Council will consider developing a Neighbourhood Plan that will

give us more say over future developments in the village. We shall continue to fight for an A1 bypass for Buckden

and for a bridge over the East Coast mainline, which would mitigate some of the major concerns we all have about

traffic. Buckden is a vibrant and inclusive village, and when the development is built and occupied, I am sure we will

welcome our new neighbours and help them to become fully integrated into our community.

Alec MacAndrew – Chairman of Buckden Parish Council’s Planning Committee

Any questions or comments on this report can be addressed to the Parish Clerk, Georgina West, Clerk to Buckden

Parish Council, Buckden Village Hall, Burberry Road, Buckden PE19 5UY.

Telephone (01480) 819407; Email

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