I am delighted to tell you that the website for the Buckden Roundabout is now live and can be found at www.buckdenroundabout.info.

Some of the features are outlined below:

Monthly editions: All future editions of the magazine will be available online in the form of a flip-book—it is just like flipping through the paper copy! A pdf version will also be available to download for those of you that want to read this on the move on your tablet or Kindle.

Diary: As has been mentioned in previous editions, the Roundabout team will be maintaining a village diary on the website. The diary will contain all events that we are aware of. The principal idea of the diary is to enable event organisers to check for clashing events when organising an event of their own, but it will obviously also be there for anyone to check what events are planned. Whilst we have started populating the diary it is dependant on event organisers contacting us so that we can enter the event details. Please send entries for the diary to the editor via the contact form on the website. Please note this is not replacing the For Your Diary section in the magazine - only minimal information will be stored online.

Announcements: Alongside the diary page we also have an announcements section which will have both time-sensitive articles and ‘stop-press’ type announcements.

Forum: This is the place where any discussions relating to the village and anything associated with it can be discussed. Registration is required but it is a simple process

Additionally we are launching a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/buckdenroundabout) and a twitter account (@BuckdenRbt) which will regularly post relevant updates and provide event reminders.

Please do visit it and let us know what you think - we’d love to hear anything you have to say!