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A vacancy in a newly refurbished one bedroom flat has arisen in South's Almshouse in Church Street Buckden.

Almshouse Charities of William South and James Burberry

The Charity manages South’s Almshouses and Burberry Homes in Church Street, Buckden consisting of fifteen self-contained flats for singles or couples, usually over 60 years of age, who live in Buckden or who have a close active family relationship with residents of Buckden.

The Almshouse flats are unfurnished dwellings, usually, but not always, designed with the needs of older people in mind. The aim is to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a setting that allows residents to come and go as they please. The Almshouse is the resident’s home for as long as s/he is able to live an independent life. Residents pay a modest weekly maintenance contribution and, in addition, may receive support from the statutory authorities. A Warden is there to provide access to and liaison with these authorities. Having a Warden also means that, in the event of an emergency, help can be summoned quickly.

We now have one vacancy on the first floor of the South Almshouses in a recently refurbished flat.

If you are interested, please contact the Clerk for more information and an application form:
Joe Greenway, 2 St Hughs Road, Buckden, PE19 5UB 07745889759

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